Self Head Massager #2 ft. the Orgasmatron

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This is my other version. I’m actually going to go with this version for now and build this for my Mechanisms final. It’s a simple pulled system with springs using the Orgasmatron. You put your head into the box from underneath, yank on the pulley and massage away. Stay tuned for updates. Also, open to name suggestions!

Self Head Massager…mechanisms final

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This is my first rendition of the self head massager. The drawing perspective are a wee bit off, my apologies. You put your head into the box and put your face through the hole. Don’t worry, there will be a cushion there and replacable tissue for sanitary reasons. Then you just stretch your arm out and turn the handle to turn the massage wheels. One for your head and one for your neck. There are springs underneath each bubble so that you don’t come out looking like someone just beat the crap out of you.

Lego Drawing Machine

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I built a mechanical drawing too using linkages. It was legotastic!
Elie seems to be drawing a master piece…

Spring Catapult

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Elie and I build a catapult using a spring. It’s kind of like a game…a poor game…but still a game. Put a jelly bean or an led into the little hole on the far end of the lever. Then take a hammer and hit the other side of the lever and try and get the jelly bean into the cup! It’s actually super hard. Check it out here.

Hacking Day

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Hacked a cd player and a video camcorder. Pretty fun and slightly difficult. The best part was looking at soldering jobs gone wrong then fixed with tape. Awesome. Photos here.

Egg Cracking Machine

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David, Che-Wei and I built a Rube Goldberg machine that cracks an egg.
check it out here.

my play house

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just wanted to quickly mention my tumblr blog where I explore the world. Check it out some time!